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CORE Charter School

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Interest Process for CORE CHARTER SCHOOL

CORE Public Charter School offers a Personalized Learning model of education that requires one-on-one parent participation. To be enrolled in our program, a student MUST be able to work independently under the daily supervision of a parent. Success in independent study requires motivation and a strong commitment on the part of the student and his or her parents/guardians/caregivers. It also requires sufficient academic preparation, a willingness to work in partnership, and dedicated adherence to the goals and vision of this charter. Attendance at an Orientation meeting for interested families is a required part of the enrollment process.

Please join us at an upcoming event to learn more about our program and to help determine if CORE is a good fit for your student. To express interest, please visit our Orientation Meeting Interest page. If you have questions regarding the enrollment process please call 530-742-2786.

Step 1 - Attend an Orientation
    All potential families must attend an orientation prior to enrollment. Please register for an orientation to begin the process and to be notified about an upcoming orientation that outlines CORE Charter School's educational model.
Step 2
    After you have attended an Orientation, complete the Request Form (new and returning students).
Step 3
    After completing Steps 1 and 2 upload or turn in required documents.

    Downloads for incoming Kindergarteners and students new to California public schools:
        Report of Health Examination for School Entry
        Home Language Survey

Parents can determine if a Personalized Learning Program is a good fit by reflecting on the following questions:

   1. What do you see as your responsibilities as the primary director of your child's education?
   2. Who will monitor your child's educational activities during school hours?
   3. Do you feel that your skills are strong enough to support your child's academics?
   4. How do you perceive a typical day in home-based education and Personalized Learning for you and your child.
   5.  How will your child respond to you as the primary director of his/her education?
   6. What resources do you bring to your child (time, talent, materials) that you have used successfully in the past?
   7. What are your expectations regarding home-based education and Personalized Learning?
   8. How does your child feel about participating in home-based education and Personalized Learning?
   9. What are your educational and personal goals for your child? What are your child's goals?
   10. What supported or hindered your child from reaching these goals in his/her previous school?
   11. If your child did not reach his or her goals in the previous school, what leads you to believe that Personalized
         Learning will enable your child to overcome these previous difficulties?
   12. Is your child able to work independently with limited supervision by a certificated teacher?
   13. How will your child socialize with peers if he/she is enrolled in Personalized Learning

If you have questions, please call us at (530) 742-2786