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CORE Charter School

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Sutter's Fort Overnight Field Trip

Sutter’s Fort Overnight Field Trip


Is now open to all CORE students -see below for details

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Requirements for students in grades k-3rd grade:

In order to accommodate more families for this exciting and adventurous field trip, we are now welcoming K-3rd grade students to join the fun.  If your family would like to attend Sutter’s Fort Field Trip, and you have children in grades k-3 you must have one adult chaperone who will run one of the stations at the fort  (please contact Angela Batko for more information about the stations), as well as supervision for the participating students as they walk from station to station at the fort. For example, dad might attend a station while mom walks with their children as they move to each station. Again, contact Angela Batko with any questions. 

Requirements for students in grades 9-12th grade:

High school students may attend the field trip as the supervisor to a sibling who is under 4th grade or as a helper at one of the stations. If the high school student chooses to help at a station, he/she must attend the parent workshop, along with his/her parent, on April 4th at 8:00 am. at the Fort. you have any questions, please contact Angela Batko ( and continue to check Parent square with more updates.