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CORE Charter School

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Course Planning

Suggested Schedules for High School Completion

  • CORE's graduation requirements require that students complete a minimum of 220 high school units, with a minimum amount of units completed within the subject areas. Below is a suggested example of course schedule. The left column fulfills CORE's minimum requirements for high school graduation and the right column shows the admission requirements for the University of California or California State University. Students may want to pursue a vocational path, in which case s/he would incorporate electives that are in their field of interest, Regional Occupational Program (ROP) courses, Career Technical Education (CTE) courses, Work Experience, etc.
  • Students are always encouraged to begin taking community college courses concurrently with their high school courses, either fulfilling high school graduation requirements or as electives.
Course planning
Course planning

Graduation Requirements

  • In order to graduate, students at CORE will have successfully completed the following course requirements. Within these requirements, CORE offers many different course options. Download the High School Catalog (link to catalog) for more information. University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) admissions requirements are listed alongside CORE's graduation requirements in order to facilitate course planning.
  • Many colleges and universities follow the UC/CSU system's lead for admission requirements. For more information, consult individual schools.