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CORE Charter School

      The center will be closed on Monday, January 18th in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.     

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meet on a regular basis in order to develop policies, approve the budget and assist in making major governance decisions regarding the school operations. The Board of Directors is the decision making body for CORE Charter School. The Board is comprised of community members and parent members. All meetings are open to the public.


 Board of Directors:

  • Michael Bohmann - Board President
  • Heidi Lecair - Board Member
  • Erik Jens - Board Member
  • James Ochsner - Board Member

Board Member Biographies


Michael Bohmann
  • Board President, Board of Directors
  • As an accountant, Mike brings a broad financial background to the School Board. He has acted as business officer and served on local school boards. He became involved with the start-up of local charter schools when the movement gained momentum. With this experience and having attended several trainings on school finance, it goes without saying that Mike's interest focuses on CORE Charter School's fiscal stability as well as its overall continued viability. He and his wife have seen the educational success of their 3 children at CORE, two of whom have graduated and gone on to college. He is passionate about quality education for all children.

Heidi Lecair
  • Member, Board of Directors
  • I am a homeschool graduate currently homeschooling my two children through CORE Charter School. Our family has been enrolled with the school since 2015, and our experience over the past few years has been only positive. CORE Charter School's educational model surrounds both students and parents with the resources and support necessary to thrive in both academics and personal interests. I wholeheartedly believe that this personalized approach to schooling encourages the wonderful uniqueness of each child and creates well-rounded individuals with the potential to both succeed and serve the communities they live in for years to come. I am honored to serve as a parent member on this school board and look forward to supporting the students, parents, and faculty of this wonderful school.
Erik Jens
Erik Jens
  • Member, Board of Directors
  • As an adjunct instructor at Yuba College, Erik brings experience in post-secondary STEM education and Career Technical Education. His family has been involved with CORE Charter School for the last ten years with one child graduating and two children currently enrolled. He supports educational opportunities for all students and appreciates that CORE provides a unique opportunity for families in our community to choose personalized learning.
James Picture
James Ochsner
  • Member, Board of Directors
  • As a former private school teacher, James has an interest in education and the positive influence that CORE Charter School brings to the larger community. He and his wife raised four children in Sutter and home-schooled them through a charter school.  In his position as Director of Library Services for Sutter County, James has had the pleasure of working on projects with the Aspen Institute and has served on various library planning committees, the Northnet Executive Committee and is currently serving on the board of Califa. He holds a B.A. in Art from Dordt University and an MLIS from San Jose State University.