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CORE Charter School


Virtual Field Trip to

It’s Wednesday… and time for another fun virtual field trip. 


We picked because of the many live cameras that are available on this site. In addition, there are more than 300 original films and an enormous amount of “world-class photography from all over the globe.”


A wealth of knowledge is at your fingertips. You can browse the live cameras on all kinds of animals.  One example is the Panda Bears at Wolong Grove Panda Yard in Gengda, Sichuan, China. There are 11 different panda yards and you can watch and view their day-to-day activities or travel to Decorah, Iowa and get close to a nest of bald eagles who travel back year after year to raise another brood. It’s fascinating, and yeah, educational too, but your kids are going to love it.


This is definitely a virtual field trip for everyone in mind. Set aside time as a family to view and watch the animals. This is one site I bet you will continually go back for more.


Have fun and explore.