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CORE Charter School


Sutter's Fort Live Zoom

Hello CORE Families,


I was very sad the day I had to notify parents that our Environmental Living Program field trip to Sutter's Fort, which was scheduled in May, had to be canceled.  This week I was informed of some exciting news. 


Starting this Thursday, April 23rd, Jared Jones, the Environmental Living Program coordinator for Sutter's Fort, will be hosting a one-hour live distance learning program at Sutter's Fort about the history of the Fort, pioneer life long ago, and 1840s material culture.


This program is different than the virtual program in that it is live, as if the students are there on a guided tour.  To go you simply need to sign up on the link on the flyer and be sure to sign into ZOOM on the day of your scheduled tour.


The live tours of Sutter's Fort, via Zoom, are being held each Thursday @ 11 a.m. for up to 500 students. They are being offered to schools around Northern California so

Please sign up to be sure you have a spot.



Stay Well and Happy Learning,


Angela Batko