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CORE Charter School


Nor Cal Bat Assembly

Hello CORE families,


The NorCal Bat Assembly is here at the LRC on Friday, February 23, and is open to all CORE families free of charge.


Northern California Bats was founded in 2006 when the founder, Corky Quirk, realized that bat colonies were being wiped out due to the misconception of this rather shy creature. This organization is committed to educating the general public about the elusive bat and turning people’s fears into an understanding of the beneficial contribution bats bring to our environment.


There will be two sessions to accommodate different age groups.


The first assembly is geared for TK through 4th grade.

The second assembly is geared for 5th through 12th grade.

Did you know that the bat is considered “The Hero of the Night"? Do we have your attention and curiosity, then learn about why and much, much more.

Check out your ParentSquare to sign up!