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CORE Charter School

      Center Summer Hours - Closed Mondays and Fridays, open from 10am - 2pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.     

Enrollment Information



Interest Process for CORE CHARTER SCHOOL

CORE Charter, a public school, offers a Personalized Learning model of education that most often requires one-on-one parent participation. To be successful in our program, a student must be able to work independently under the daily supervision of a parent. Success in independent study requires motivation and a strong commitment on the part of the student and his or her parents/guardians/caregivers. It also requires sufficient academic preparation, a willingness to work in partnership, and dedicated adherence to the goals and vision of this charter. Watching a New Student Orientation for interested families is part of the enrollment process.

CORE Fall 2021-22 School Year enrollment window is now open.

All interested families may click on the link below or call 530-742-2786 to sign up to receive the link to watch the New Student Orientation.


Interest Form for 2021-2022 Fall Enrollment